Unflattering photos of Hillary reveal Liberal media plans

Hillary Clinton is in the news because she's getting ready to announce that she's going to run for President. But the photos that the liberal media are using are curious, to say the least.

Have a look at the left photo below.

It's the photo accompanying the most recent NYT article on Mrs. Clinton announcing. She's frowning, and her head seems to be floating in a mist, as if she's hiding "in the shadows" like an illegal alien. It's both unflattering and odd as a photo. In case you think this is just random chance, have a look at the photo on the right above. It was taken from another recent Times article about Mrs. Clinton. In the photo you can see the giant projected head of Mr. Clinton looking like he did in his famous "I did not have sex with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky" speech, and Mrs. Clinton looking very smug, as if she just got the news that her mail server hard drive had been eliminated.  I think it's safe to say from these photos that the Times doesn't like Mrs. Clinton very much.

Now take a look at the first photo below.

The first photo above is from NBCnews.com, featuring a concerned looking Hillary under the title "The Many Times Hillary Clinton Has Hinted at a 2016 Run", which isn't exactly flattering. And the last photo above is from Politico. Hillary looks about 125 years old in it and looks like they dug her up from her coffin to take the photo.

So what's going on here? I think talk show host Mark Levin has the correct answer. The liberal media want to replace Hillary with another candidate. They want someone who is going to be even more stridently leftist. They are also not unaware of all her ethical flaws, and want someone with less baggage. So, as Levin noted, they will do everything they can to undermine Hillary in the primary process. But if Hillary does survive the primary, they will turn 180 degrees and suddenly all the photos you see of Hillary will be airbrushed and/or from archives circa 1995.

Expect something similar in the Republican primary. Expect Ted Cruz and Scott Walker photos to show them as angry and/or insane. But Jeb Bush photos will show him looking cheerful or thoughtful. If Bush gets nominated, however, then they will stop using those and dig up some insane photos of him too.

Please let me know in the comments section if you have any better ideas for captions for these photos.

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