TN passes bill allowing schools to drop Michelle's school lunch program

National food scold Michelle Obama has sparked a revolt against her strictures on school lunches.  Perhaps aware of how much food gets tossed into the trash as inedible, or perhaps merely anxious to please constituents, legislators in Tennessee revolted against Michelle.  Victor Skinner of EAG News reports:

 A Tennessee state lawmaker dubbed legislation recently passed by the House the “starve the children” bill in an effort to convince Gov. Bill Haslam to veto the measure.

House Bill 1171 would allow local school boards to opt out of federal education programs – including the National School Lunch Program – without penalty from the state. The bill was passed in the House and Senate this week, The Tennesseanand WSMV report.

The legislation would allow public schools to do away with a wave of “healthy” school food regulations championed by first lady Michelle Obama and imposed on schools through the National School Lunch Program. Schools that participate in that program receive federal subsidies to provide free and reduced-price breakfasts and lunches to needy students.

“Some of our school boards are getting less than one percent of their budget from the federal government, yet they have to comply with these onerous rules about how much fish sticks they can put on a plate each day,” Memphis Republican Sen. Brian Kelsey, a supporter of HB 1171, told WATE. “That’s absurd and we need to give them more freedom.

Our friends at iOTWReport have the best reaction:

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