The Uncertainty Over Adam and Eve's Skin Colors

Political correctness has infested all aspects of society, and the Bible is no stranger to controversy. As Judi McLeod's recent article at the Canada Free Press highlights, even the U.S. Defense Department -- which is now likely almost over-run by atheists and those of the non-Judeo-Christian faiths -- is taking full aim at the Scriptures -- deeming them sexist. But even within the Christian community there are some problematic inconsistencies in Biblical ethics that need to be collectively resolved. In the "Racial Discrimination" section of the ESV Study Bible, which is one of the primary biblical resources for evangelical Christians, the scholarly commentary reaches the following conclusions: "Modern genetic studies show that when a lighter-skin person has a child with a darker-skin person, none of their children will have skin darker than that of the darkest parent. This means that if the heriditary transfer of skin color has operated in the same way...(Read Full Post)