The Gitmo 6 bouncing around in Uruguay

It reads like a Saturday Night Live segment.  All you need is a guy with a Syrian accent screaming, "Live from New York..."

In reality, this is the story of the Gitmo terrorists who were sent to Uruguay not long ago:

Uruguay's president says the U.N. refugee agency will help six former Guantanamo prisoners obtain housing in his country.

President Tabare Vazquez told reporters at the Summit of the Americas in Panama that each of the six will soon have a home, thanks to the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees.

The six freed prisoners have struggled to adapt to life in Uruguay since arriving in December following years of captivity at Guantanamo. 

They have not gotten work and are getting by on about $600 a month provided by a non-governmental organization.

Why is anyone surprised? 

First, you take six of the world's worst terrorists and turn them into victims of the U.S.

They are not victims.  They were detained in Gitmo because they were captured on the battlefield fighting U.S. and other troops.  They were detained without trial because the war is still going on.  Prisoners have been held in every war without trial waiting for the resolution of the war or the end of the conflict.

Also, most countries did not want to take these people, as was reported in the news:

The six, who were detained as suspected militants with ties to al-Qaeda in 2002 but were never charged, were cleared for release in 2009.

But they were stuck in Guantanamo for the next five years because they could not be sent home - and no one wanted them, until Uruguay stepped into the breach. 

Second, what genius thought that you could relocate them to a very cosmopolitan city like Montevideo? 

Who expected these terrorists and fanatics to adjust to the Western way of life that they detest, such as treating women with respect?  Again, why is anyone surprised that these 6 killers are having such difficulties adjusting to a modern way of life?

The author of the idea was former President Mujica.  Unfortunately, Mr. Mujica's little anti-U.S. play has turned into a nightmare for his fellow citizens, who have to put up with these incorrigible men.

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