Some additions for the Urban Dictionary

Earlier this year, State Department spokesperson Marie Harf became a verb.  “Harfing,” according to the Urban Dictionary, means “To say or assert something so patently stupid and preposterous as to generate widespread mockery.”  Harf, who last week seemed to confess that she is uncomfortable with “big words,” is the only administration official to have been thus honored so far.  Here are some other possibilities for the Urban Dictionary.  Readers will no doubt be able come up with more.

barryatrics:  the Independent Payment Advisory Board

billious:  irritated at the possibility that one’s sexual peccadillos will be exposed

bushwhacking:  blaming all and sundry on your predecessor

carney:  huckster in a jacket and tie

carterwauling:  venting late-blooming anti-Semitism

carterwheeling:  supporting America’s enemies, opposing America’s friends

cruzifiction:  media treatment of leading conservative candidate

in Earnest:  joshing

Gibbson:  six parts prevarication, one part evasion; spin thoroughly; add pickled onion

goracious:  a goreulous individual who lives in a home with a carbon footprint twenty times the American average

goreulous:  babbling non-stop about “settled science”

grube:  a hick from academia—someone, for instance, who doesn’t realize that videotapes of conferences can be accessed

grubering:  telling the truth about your lies

hari-kerry:  letting someone who has vowed to kill you have access to dangerous weapons

hillbilly:  a person who maintains a marriage-in-name-only for political reasons

hilliarious:  “The dog ate my emails.”  “I am one lucky cattle-futures trader.”

kerryoki:  mouthing platitudes in foreign capitals

mooronic:  appealing to low-information, angry, America-phobic viewers

obambastic:  rhetoric that sends a tingle up the legs of journalists

obamboozle:  The Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act

obaminate:  to select for office otherwise unqualified individuals who are Democratic bundlers or leftist ideologues

obatomy:  operation performed daily on the electorate by American journalists

peloozy:  woman of dubious morals who engages in casual affairs with disreputable socialist ideas

psaki:  alcoholic beverage made of fermented rice, brewed in Foggy Bottom; causes disorientation, dementia, and hallucinations

Rice Krispies:  statements in which political expediency trumps truth  

rahmbunctious:  practicing Chicago-style politics outside of Cook County

valedictorian:  éminence grise; the homunculus behind the curtain

valetudinarian:  chaperone for an intellectually impaired or feckless individual

wrighteous:  frothing