Should President Obama be listed as a state sponsor of terrorism?

President Obama has removed Cuba as a state sponsor of terrorism, even though Cuba supports the terrorist FARC group in Columbia and has close ties with dictatorial leftist regimes like Venezuela.  But that started me thinking.  Since President Obama controls the executive branch of government, making him a state actor, do you think President Obama should list himself as a state sponsor of terrorism? 1) Obama was a big supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, which persecuted and killed political opponents on the road to turning Egypt into an Islamofacist state. 2) He is tacitly supporting Iran by pushing to lift sanctions on a country that supports the terrorist group Hezb'allah.  Obama is also pushing an agreement that would allow Iran to continue enriching uranium, the most vital component of nuclear weapons. 3) Obama is pushing Israel to make dangerous concessions to the terrorist regime in Gaza and, yes, the terrorist PLO regime in the West Bank,...(Read Full Post)