Senate majority leader admits lying to sway a presidential election

We recall the then-Senate majority leader standing in the Senate chambers, speaking to a nation and on the Senate record, declaring that GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney did not pay taxes.

And now it is clear he was not only incorrect, but intentionally lying.  Reid went off the truth grid to stir hostility toward Romney and thus affect a presidential election.  Much of the lying was conducted from the official podium and with the weight of his office in support.  Shame on Harry Reid.

And where is the outrage? 

In this video (at 2:45), Harry Reid is asked if he regretted his declaration that Mitt Romney didn’t pay his taxes.  Reid answers, “He didn’t win, did he?”

His answer reveals so much.  It tells us about Harry Reid, it tells us that he lied, it tells us why he lied, and it tells us much about the “journalist” who sat there and smiled at the clever-sounding response and failed to provide the strong follow-up question. (That makes you a liar, Senator Reid, doesn’t it?)  It tells us about the accepted lack of ethics by high government officials, and it tells us much about those who share senatorial responsibilities with this man and are his peers and who choose not to draw up censorship or worse charges.  It tells us about the other Democrat senators who are now stoic and thus give silent approval.

Harry Reid libeled and slandered Mitt Romney, and the Democratic Party is complicit in its support of Reid’s false accusations. 

And of course we will hear that “everyone does it,” and “that was two years ago.”  That doesn’t hold water.  But the lack of outrage, the lack of ethical concern from our leadership, does explain why we have sunk as a nation.  How can such dishonesty and duplicity be tolerated?