Report: NCIS determined in 2009 Bowe Bergdahl 'going over to the other side with a deliberate plan'

So far, this is only hearsay, but if the report by retired Lt. Col Anthony Shafer is true, it raises huge issues over President Obama’s trade of five senior Taliban commanders for a man who may have committed treason. Col. Shafer is a Fox News Contributor, so you can be certain the rest of the mainstream media will ignore what he claims to have heard.  Fox News reports: Shaffer, a former military intelligence officer and Fox News contributor, said two senior sources told him that the Naval Criminal Investigative Service investigation included a forensic review of his computer, which show Bergdahl’s apparent intent to travel to Uzbekistan. “He was going to go off to Uzbekistan,” Shaffer told Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly. “He had made contact with local Afghans and wanted to be moved to Uzbekistan and then made contact with the Russians because he wanted to talk to Russian organized crime ... “Clearly he was not all there...(Read Full Post)