Religious bakery owners refuse to bake a gay wedding cake; liberal media yawns

Because so many couples have their weddings catered by a small town neighborhood pizzeria (/sarc) a reporter asked the young 20-year-old daughter of the owner a "what if" question.  What if the pizzeria were asked to cater a gay wedding?  No, said the young lady.  Foaming at the mouth by liberals ensued, with a nice pushback by freedom-loving people. So Steve Crowder decided  to ask for something more realistic – a gay wedding cake.  And off he went to a bakery owned by religious people and tried to order one.  He was refused.  He wrote about this refusal on his blog.  He podcast it.  YouTubed it.  And no one cared.  No marches, no protests.  Why?  Hmmm.  Could it be because the bakery owners were Muslim?  And the bakery was in the "Muslim capital of the U.S." – Dearborn, Michigan?   Gay wedding cakes! Yes folks, I did this. I went...(Read Full Post)