Rand Paul 'out of pocket'; won't comment on Iran deal or RFRA

On the internet, "clickbait" is a reference to a web link that promises to impart a lot of information but actually has very little to offer.  Similarly, Rand Paul's candidacy seems to have a lot to offer, but when you look for specific information, you are liable to be frustrated. On Tuesday, The Hill reached out to the Paul camp regarding his position on the Indiana law. In declining to comment, a representative of Paul’s PAC said that the senator “is out of pocket with family and not doing any media all week long.” And sure enough, when The Huffington Post asked for Paul’s reaction to the nuclear deal with Iran on Thursday, Paul spokesperson Sergio Gor replied, “Senator Paul is out of pocket all week with family leading up to April 7th. At this time our office will have no comment to any news.” Other potential candidates for the Republican presidential nomination issued their own detailed statements...(Read Full Post)