Rachel Maddow complains that police in Baltimore are 'out of control'

Rachel Maddow, MSNBC's top performer in prime time, gave her audience of liberal loons some red meat to chew on.  Interviewing a local reporter, Erica Gren, about police response to the riot, Maddow was outraged that the cops were "out of control" because a couple of policeman threw debris back at the rioters who had been pummeling police with rocks, bricks, and bottles for hours.

Daily Caller:

As fire, gunshots, and looting spread throughout the city, Maddow seized upon what she thought is the most important part of Baltimore Sun reporter Erica Green’s reporting: that she had seen a few cops throw debris back at the rioters.

“What’s striking about that report, particularly because you saw it firsthand as a reporter, is that you don’t expect police to be throwing bricks,” she said.

“The police have talked about the fact that they are willing to be tactically very aggressive as the situation stays out of control; they’re willing to use pepper pellets, they’re willing to use rubber bullets, we’ve seen them using gas today,” Maddow noted. “But if they’re picking up things that are being thrown at them and throwing things back, that implies to me as the lay observer that the police feel — that the police are a little out of control…”

But Green injected some much needed sanity into the discussion. “I watched the police have things hurled at them for a very long time, and they didn’t do anything… I mean, these kids have no fear. so I was very surprised that things didn’t escalate more quickly.”

You get the sense that Maddow would love to be out in the streets of Baltimore throwing stuff at the cops along with the rest of the rioters.  Throughout their coverage of the unrest in recent months, Maddow and the rest of MSNBC talking heads have demonstrated an affinity for the rioters, constantly "explaining" their actions as a justified response to police brutality.  Their pro forma condemnations of the violence is always immediately followed by a plea for "understanding" why the rioters want to burn and loot.  Racism, racial profiling, and white privilege always seem to be used as a way to excuse the violence.

Maddow's observation about the police being out of control in a tumultuous and dangerous situation is beyond stupidity; it is placing one's bias and extreme political ideology ahead of public order and protecting the people.

Hat Tip: Ed Lasky


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