Owners of Indiana pizza restaurant go into hiding

The explosion of hatred and threats against a family owned Indiana pizza restaurant who said they wouldn't cater a gay wedding have forced them to go into hiding and they may leave town permanently.

Associated Press:

A northern Indiana pizza shop that came under fire after its owners said their religious beliefs wouldn't allow them to cater a gay wedding is closed indefinitely, and its operators say they've gone into hiding.

Memories Pizza in Walkerton faced criticism this week after co-owner Crystal O'Connor expressed support for a new Indiana religious objections law. The Facebook and Yelp pages for the restaurant about 20 miles southwest of South Bend were bombarded with negative reviews.

A coach of a high school golf program was suspended after a Twitter post that mentioned going to Walkerton and burning down the restaurant.

WNDU-TV reports that O'Connor and her family are considering leaving town.

That threat to burn the restaurant down was one of the milder threats against the O'Connor's. 

Also being threatened is the man who launched and promoted the GoFundMe campaign that has raised north of $840,000 for the O'Connors. And the left is now concocting the hysterically funny conspiracy theory that the O'Connors planned the incident all along - that the threats and ugliness is all part of a plan to raise cash on the internet.

Allahpundit calls it the "Best Trutherism Ever:"

The more excitable members of the left’s gay-marriage mob can’t cope with how this Two Minutes Hate for O’Connor and her business played out. So, as conspiracy theorists are wont to do, they’re reaching for an explanation that makes them feel better about it. What I can’t figure out is whether it’s malice or actually some vestigial pangs of remorse about the mob atmosphere that are driving the conspiracy. Maybe they’re angry that the family hasn’t been utterly ruined for their thoughtcrime — or maybe on some level they think, but can’t bring themselves to admit, that people shouldn’t be ruined for politely dissenting from the new norm on gay marriage. If O’Connor is some grifter mastermind who engineered this debacle for the money then there’s really no need to feel bad about the abuse she’s taken. She wanted it. She’s making bank off it. The left did her a big favor. In fact, I ran across three examples on Twitter in the past 24 hours of liberals insisting that some or all of the abuse O’Connor and her business have taken is actually the handiwork of homophobic right-wingmobys eager to drum up sympathy for her. The Truther theory is of a piece with that. At some point today, rest assured, O’Connor herself will be accused of trolling her own Yelp page.

Nah. They’re just bummed that she hasn’t been ruined. Cheer up, though: Per Rick Wilson, eventually some extra-virtuous SJW somewhere will end up shooting a gay-marriage opponent in the face for his sins. If you think the current Trutherism is zesty, wait ’til you see what it looks like after that.

Absolutely amazing.


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