Obamacare enrollment appears to have hit the wall

John Merline of Investor’s Business Daily has been examining the numbers on Obamacare enrollment and discovers that, contrary to predictions of millions more signing up, new enrollments are dying up.

Earlier this year, the Obama administration hoped to boost ObamaCare sign-ups by offering a special enrollment period for millions who didn't know about the individual mandate penalty until they filed their taxes.

They'd have until the end of April to buy a plan and avoid paying an even bigger ObamaCare penalty when they file taxes next year. At least one outside observer expected as many as 1.2 million to sign up.

But last week the administration admitted — buried in the middle of a press release — that a mere 36,000 had done so by the end of March.

It was another sign that enrollment could be hitting a wall, well before ObamaCare has signed up enough people to be sustainable.

If the leveling off of new enrollees is a permanent phenomenon, the program is going to cost far more than estimates when it was sold to the public congressional Democrats:

Exchanges needed to enroll up to 75% of their eligible markets.... But states are having trouble getting over the 40% mark.

The Obamacare disaster is compounding itself. Democrats bear sole responsibility.