Obama visit sparking anger in Jamaica

President Obama’s visit to Jamaica later today is causing anger on the part of poor people there.  Not because of anything he has done, but rather because of actions of authorities going Potemkin Village and cleaning out street vendors to present a sanitized version of Kingston.  The Jamaica Observer reports:

PREPARATIONS for this week's visit of US President Barack Obama have triggered anger among street vendors in sections of the capital city as their stalls have been destroyed.

"We understand that they have to be fixing up areas where Obama will be travelling, but what they are doing to us is unfair," said 67-year-old Claudette Reid who sells crabs at National Heroes Circle.

"Is more than 40 years I have been selling right here so. Is through this selling I was able to send all of my children to school. Imagine, the Queen come here and them never remove wi, the Prince also come and we were allowed to stay, so why now?" said the distraught woman.

She was supported by several other angry vendors who said they, too, were affected by the demolition that was carried out Sunday night.

Hmm, good enough for the Queen of England but not for Obama?

Will Obama say anything about the fate of poor street vendors?  Stay tuned.

Hat tip: David Paulin