My Memories of a Different Baltimore

In the mid-1970s, I went to college in the Baltimore area. I saw the incredible renaissance of Baltimore, from the Inner Harbor to the baseball stadium. It was a remarkable story made possible by responsible politicians like the late Mayor William Schaeffer, businessmen who put their money where their mouth is, and lots of citizens who came together for the common good.

Last summer, I went back to Baltimore to attend a family wedding. We walked around the downtown area and it was great. We attended a July 4th fireworks show by the water and it was a delight to see people walking around the new Baltimore.

This is why it was so sad to watch the events in Baltimore over the last couple of days.

It was pathetic to watch the mayor say: “I wanted to give space to those who wished to destroy...”!

Are you kidding me? Her words were the green light to criminals and red light to police over matched by mobs throwing stones. I agree with Richard Manning:

When the men and women who put their lives on the line to protect the people and property of a community know that their elected boss believes that the lawbreakers are justified in creating mayhem, it destroys the resolve to provide that security.  

When the people know that the police have been told to stand down anarchy is sure to follow. Then the law-abiding will lock their doors and imprison themselves while the lawless run free. And when tourists or those who live outside a city feel that it is unsafe to enjoy the entertainment provided in that town, they stay away.

The net effect of this lawlessness is that minority-owned businesses will think twice about investing in the city. Tourists will reconsider their visit to the historic sites of Baltimore. And sadly, the criminals will get away with it, specially when charlatans like Al Sharpton drop in for their victim show.
Again, this is sad.

It's time for President Obama to come out and assure the Baltimore multi-racial police force that he's got their back!   

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