Muslim student at U Michigan unmasks American Sniper protestor who he says vandalized his apartment

Zeinab Khalil is quite the star at the University of Michigan, from which she recently graduated. Nominated for a Rhodes Scholarship and:

a student commencement speaker for the Honors Program graduation ceremony in May 2014, president of the Muslim Student Association, a columnist for the main campus newspaper, The Michigan Daily, and founder of several activist groups…. She even received the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Spirit Award for exemplifying “the leadership and extraordinary vision” of King, an apostle of non-violence. She interned at the Century Foundation and the Brookings Institution, both left-leaning think tanks in Washington, D.C.

She was one of the protestors who got the university to cancel (temporarily, thanks to Coach Harbaugh) a screening of American Sniper. As notes, she:

claimed on Twitter that the campus “is already a hostile place for Arab/Muslim students. In one tweet posted on April 9th, she despaired:

“Spent 4 yrs at @umich doing anti-oppressive work; admins used me to educate campus. this is what i get in return as exhausted/exploited alum.”

Her sensitivity, however, apparently did not prevent her from vandalizing the apartment of another  Muslim student on campus, one who had the audacity to satirize the campus atmosphere oversensitive to “microagressions.”  Omar Mahmoud, a Muslim, had written a column for the campus’s alterative conservative newspaper:

The column, titled “Do the Left Thing,” was written from the perspective of a left-handed student up in arms about all the microaggressions right-handed students had committed against him. Mahmood lamented political correctness in the piece:

It is 2014, people. Still, change starts with awareness. Until right-handed people, especially cis-gendered hetero white males in salmon shorts, do not start checking their privilege, we will continue to live in inequality.

That was enough, says Mahmood, to provoke Khalil.

The College Fix has surveillance video of Khalil and two accomplices:

The video shows three women throwing on large hoodies and other baggy clothing that might mask their appearance while on the eleventh floor. Then they go to the sixth floor where they put the fliers and other paraphernalia on and around his doorway before taking pictures of their act and scurrying out.

Mahmoud sought to work things out privately, hoping for an apology. That was in vain, so now he has gone public.

In a world of sensitivity to microagressions, what about macroagressions from the unbearably sensitive?

Hat tip: Clarice Feldman