Limbaugh: Rubio can't help supporting amnesty because he's Hispanic

Get this: Rush Limbaugh forgives Rubio's support for amnesty in part because...he's Hispanic.  Yes, Rush Limbaugh strongly implied that  Rubio's Hispanic nature compelled him to push amnesty!

Here's what Rush said:

Now, I know Rubio has lost a lot of luster with some people on the Tea Party side because of his flirtation with the Chuck-U Schumer gang on amnesty and immigration.  You can maybe chalk it up to two things.  Chalk it up to novice naivete, trying to get his feet wet and establish himself within the power circles of the Senate.  Or another explanation for it could have been that, given his Hispanic heritage, he almost had to, in the sense of identity politics, if he had any chance at all of securing any votes from that sector, he had to come out in favor of it.

This is the very same bigotry of low expectations that we have come to expect from liberals – lower standards for women and minorities simply because they are women and minorities.  Marco Rubio didn't have to come out in favor of amnesty because he was Hispanic; Ted Cruz is Hispanic, and he didn't feel compelled to come out in favor of amnesty.  Despite his Hispanic background, Cruz found a better answer: following the law.

But whatever, he's walked it back now, and we'll just see how this is all gonna play out with Tea Party people.

Since this was written, Rush may be unaware that since the time that Rubio has "walked it back," he has actually "continued walking it" by saying, in Spanish to Jorge Ramos, that he supports continued amnesty for "DREAMers," even before the border is secured.

... he's an emotional speaker.  In fact, at some point last night, a couple of points it looked to me like he almost might tear up.

We don't need another John Boehner.

The one thing about Rubio, whether you disagree with him on what he did with amnesty and then walked it back or not, he does not have a likability problem.  He is instantly likable.  He's motivational.  He's inspirational in a Reaganesque way

Why do we want an inspirational leader who inspires people to do the wrong things?

He is a great communicator, significant communicator, has a conservative message.  Just over here he has that misstep on immigration with the Tea Party.

Rubio didn't have a "misstep" with the Tea Party.  He misled the voters of Florida.  He campaigned against amnesty, was elected, and immediately went in the opposite direction.  This is the only thing of consequence he has pushed since he was elected; what exactly is his "conservative" message?

Listen, I get it.  He's young, he's handsome, he reminds people more of Ricky Martin than Cheech and Chong.  But pushing leaders to the forefront simply because they happen to be Republican and they happen to be from a minority is the wrong policy.

I'm starting to think that Rush gets a tingling in his leg when it comes to Marco Rubio, just as Chris Matthews does for Obama.  Mark Levin does it too when he has Rubio on his show and soft-pedals this "minor misstep."  We're conservatives; let's treat everyone the same regardless of race, and let the chips fall where they may, okay?

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