Kim Jong-un recruiting 'pleasure troupe' of concubines

It’s a family tradition! Following in the footsteps of his grandfather and father, now that the official three year period of mourning is over, The Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea’s leader is acquiring a harem of the prettiest young girls in the nation of 20 million. 

When he inherited his position in the world’s only communist hereditary monarchy, KJU ordered his father’s “pleasure troupe” disbanded. No moral objections were at work, simply a consolidation of power. Pillow talk and overheard conversations put the sex slaves in a position to know and potentially reveal secrets that might empower opposition. North Korea is a savagely competitive power struggle at all times. KJU allegedly had his uncle executed (some reports, likely exaggerations, had him fed to starving wild dogs) to prevent a possible coup. In Pyongyang, you can’t be too careful.

But now that he’s in power more securely, it’s time to party hearty.

If past practice is followed, the young women chosen for the honor will entertain the Dear Leaders until he tires of them, and then be married off to senior officials, honored to have the sloppy seconds, or returned to their home villages with a substantial (by North Korean standards) dowry, including some appliances that are taken for granted by American welfare recipients.

The mullhas may be satanic religious fanatics, but for sheer calculated rational evil, nobody tops North Korea.