Jeb Bush's newest idea: Statehood for Puerto Rico!

I don't like Jeb Bush, and I would never vote for him, but I admire him a lot more than many other politicians. Bush consistently says what he means. If you vote for him you'll have no doubts about what you'll get.

There's a website called "Fox News Latino" which has an interesting story about Mr. Bush. As far as I know, there is no "Fox News Black" or "Fox News Asian" or "Fox News Jewish", but never mind that for now. The website is reporting that Jeb Bush wants to make Puerto Rico the 51st state.

He said this while campaigning in Puerto Rico and speaking in Spanish.

Speaking in Spanish, Jeb Bush told Puerto Ricans on Tuesday... [that he] endorsed the idea of statehood for the U.S. territory, winning great applause.

"I think statehood is the best path," he told his audience at the Metropolitan University of Cupey. "To get the full benefits and responsibilities of citizenship, being a state is the only way to make that happen."

Republicans have generally and gingerly endorsed statehood as an option, if Puerto Ricans choose it, but some worry that it could result in more Democrats elected to Congress.

Oh really? Do you think Jeb thought about that? Not only would Puerto Rico produce several additional liberals to the House of Representatives, but more significantly, it would send two committed leftists to the Senate, making it that much harder for the Republicans to take the Senate in the future. Puerto Rico is a poor island heavily dependent on welfare where Spanish, not English, is the first language.

Bush was in the territory for a fundraising event and town hall meeting with Republicans.  "I learned how to organize intensely here," he said. "I learned the passion. I learned how to drink a lot of Puerto Rican rum."

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