Gay man chosen as Boy Scout Leader

Have you ever wondered why no men are Girl Scout leaders?  And why no women are Boy Scout leaders?  I think the answer is obvious: most men are attracted to women, and vice versa.  Having a man lead a bunch of teenage girls or a woman lead a bunch of teenage boys is a recipe for disaster.

But disaster is exactly what the Boy Scouts are courting by selecting a homosexual man as a Scout Leader.

In an unprecedented move, the Boy Scouts of America's New York chapter has hired an openly gay Eagle Scout as a summer camp leader. The decision to hire Pascal Tessier, an 18-year-old Eagle Scout from Maryland, as a counselor at the Ten Mile River Scout Camp in upstate New York is a direct challenge to the Boy Scouts' existing ban on openly gay adult participants, the Associated Press is reporting. Board member Richard G. Mason praised Tessier, who has been an outspoken advocate for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) issues, as an "exemplary candidate" for the counselor role[.]

So impressionable young boys are going to be lead by an "outspoken advocate for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues."  What could go wrong?

For starters, Scout Leaders are supposed to be role models.  To have a Scout Leader openly advocating gay sex, or cutting off parts of your body in an impossible attempt to become a woman, is something for children to avoid.  This is not a good role model for children.  Additionally, to have a Scout Leader who is attracted to men is disastrous.

We're not talking about someone who works with you in a factory or an office space.  We're talking about someone who works with children, often unsupervised, sometimes in the wilderness, alone on camping trips.  Do I really need to draw a picture to show what can happen?

I think liberals secretly like this not only for recruiting young boys into the gay lifestyle, but to get on with the next item in their ambitious social agenda: lowering the age of consent.  They want to sexualize children at as young an age as possible, and this only furthers their efforts to create Brokeback Mountain moments across the world of scouting.  Aldous Huxley actually predicted this way back in 1931 in Brave New World when he talked about children being taught to play games like "Hunt the Zipper."

Teenage boys should not be led in scouting by a person who is attracted to men.  The possibility of abuse is simply too high.

I wish someone in elected office would speak out about this.  But most Democrats are radicals who support this, and most Republicans are quaking in their shoes, afraid to be called "discriminatory."

I wouldn't let Woody Allen or Roman Polanski lead a Girl Scout troop.  But I don't consider that discrimination; I just consider that common sense.

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