Federal Government Just Can't Keep its Hands to Itself

The Federal government has evolved from protecting basic freedoms to being a parasite. When it sees something as big and powerful as the internet, the feds naturally wants to get their hands on it, not just to control it but maybe even more importantly, to get their hands on its tax-revenue potential. Net neutrality was passed by the three unelected FCC Democrat commissioners (the two Republican commissioners voted against it) in the name of solving a problem where one didn't exist, that is, to insure no one ISP (internet service provider) has too much power over traffic on its network. This is just another leftist governmental power grab disguised as working for the public interest. 

From a recent article in the Los Angeles Times, FCC's net neutrality opens the door to new fee on Internet service

"The federal government is sure to tap this new revenue stream soon to spend more of consumers' hard-earned dollars," warned Ajit Pai, a Republican on the FCC. "So when it comes to broadband, read my lips: More new taxes are coming. It's just a matter of when."

From the same article:

In approving the tough rules for online traffic in February, the Federal Communications Commission put broadband in the same regulatory category as phone service, opening the door for the charges.

This is the same reason why the Democrats passed Obamacare. It is totally laughable to pretend that they did it to create "affordable" insurance, as everything has turned out to be just the opposite: lowering premiums and you can keep your doctor and your current healthcare plan turned out to be demonstrably untrue. 

Democrats tend to couch everything in terms of helping the little guy in one way or another, but this is part of the Big Lie that underlies the modus operandi for everything they do: the real goal is to expand the size and power of the federal government. It is that simple, and you can trace almost every Democrat policy, large and small, back to this goal. It's also why everyone continues to scream racism every chance they get. 

Everyone knows that racism no longer exists except for a very few fringe outcasts, yet Democrats won't let racism go because it creates and maintains a cause and a rallying cry for the alleged victims in the black community. It has been written ad nauseum because it's true that the grievance industry of race hustlers, feminists, gay activists, climate warming alarmists and so on, continue to promote to the uninformed of the county that injustice and climate damage is everywhere and happening every day, and only government is the solution. 

In the immortal words of Ronald Reagan:  "The most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm here from the government and I'm here to help." Maybe it’s time for politicians to quit saying what they're going to do for the country and start talking about what they're not going to do. And for Republicans (like Cruz, Rubio and Paul), to keep talking without equivocation nor compromise about the importance of cutting back on the intrusive tentacles of the massive parasite that is the federal government so that the American public gets the message loud and clear.