Dick Morris: Fast Track could lead to unlimited immigration

The Senate Finance Committee is expected to vote today to give President Obama "Fast Track" authority to negotiate trade treaties without congressional amendment.  The bill would then come to the full Senate for a possible vote.

Dick Morris is warning Republicans against giving Obama Fast Track power, partly because Obama could use it to destroy America's future border controls.  Morris warns

The current Pacific Rim agreement, which would include Mexico, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam -- Pacific Rim countries (at the moment not China, but eventually it will) -- provides that there should be free flow of labor among the signatories, just like in the European Union.

What this means is that Congress can no longer control Mexican immigration into the United States, or Central American immigration, because any law that congress passes, quota-ing or limiting the number of people who can come in legally is superseded by treaty under the Constitution, and this treaty requirement of free flow of labor would vitiate any attempt by Congress to regulate immigration.

Morris also points out that giving Obama unbridled Fast Track authority could lead to trade treaties that permit cheating.  Morris continues:

As long as we're doing free trade, let's include prohibitions against manipulation of currency for trade advantage, like China is doing endlessly, and let's set that precedent and build that in as a requirement for fast track on any free trade duty.

Morris concludes:

Republicans have to stop and think before they award this President enormous power. Write Senator McConnell in Washington and tell him you oppose this.... Anybody who wants to keep Obama within constitutional bounds ought to oppose it.

At the least Senate Republicans should shelve Fast Track until the next president takes office.  Why give Obama even more power to destroy America's borders and economic future?

Howard Richman with his father and son co-authored the 2014 book Balanced Trade: Ending the Unbearable Costs of America’s Trade Deficits, published by Lexington Books and the 2008 book Trading Away Our Future, published by Ideal Taxes Association.