CBS knows what Iran is really thinking

For those who have the impression that Iran wants to destroy America, think again.

If you thought the incessant chants of “Death to America” mean anything, well you are just over reacting.

And if you thought Iran’s kidnapping and murder of Americans are a sign of things to come, just relax. These were anomalies. Maybe even figments of your imagination. Same thing applies to concerns you have about Iran’s sponsorship of terror in the Middle East, and beyond.

Snap out of it and take a chill pill. Or better yet, listen up to what CBS had to say this week-end when they summed up the essence of Iran in a single noteworthy tweet. Per Weasel Zippers, it read:

At Friday prayers….there was the usual chant of Death to America….but more out of habit than conviction. -- --

Well that’s a relief!

The journalists at CBS have quite the gift, don’t they? I mean, who needs to pay attention to facts when you have the gift of telepathy?

CBS is surely doing their part of keep the new world order going, where up is down, wrong is right, and hate is love.

Are you feeling Iran’s love yet?

Me neither.

Update: According to a report at The Right Scoop, CBS subsequently deleted the tweet. Likely more out of habit than conviction.

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