Bystander with concealed carry gun foils carjacking

Guns are used to deter and foil crime, but this reality eludes many gun-grabbers.  Typically, the media also ignore such stories, enabling the grabbers to continue in their delusion that gun control will diminish violence, when all it really does is disarm the law-abiding.

I find it very encouraging that the CBS television affiliate in Atlanta aired the news report embedded below.  Perhaps the fact that dramatic surveillance video showed the victim being driven away while clinging to the hood of her car and the hero bystander pursuing with his gun drawn had something to do with it.  And Atlanta, after all, is in the South, where the Second Amendment is especially popular.  Such incidents are far less likely to occur in places like New York and Chicago, with draconian gun control laws, so television stations in those cities won’t have as many opportunities to run stories about crimes being foiled by gun owners.

Nevertheless, it appears that the gun-grabbers are losing the battle for the public’s support.  I wish this story would run on the CBS network news.


Hat tip: iOTWReport.