American killed in Yemen as US government advises others to shelter in place

An American citizen of Yemeni descent was killed in a mortar attack yesterday in the city of Aden. Jamal al-Labani. along with his wife and 2 year old daughter, had been looking to get out of Yemen for weeks, but the Hayward, CA resident died as he came home from mosque prayers.  Ever since the US embassy closed in February, there has been no assistance forthcoming from the US government for Americans trapped in Yemen. Other nations have successfully evacuated their nationals, but the State Department is saying there are no plans o help stranded travelers. CNN: Zahra Billoo, a spokeswoman for the advocacy group, said it's helping al-Labani's family and the families of other Yemeni-Americans. "All of these other governments, Russia, China, Ethiopia, India ... they have all been evacuating their citizens. So to say that it's impossible for the U.S. to evacuate their citizens is difficult to grasp," Billoo said. Responding to the criticism,...(Read Full Post)