White privilege was invented to discourage blacks kids from trying to succeed

After reading yesterday’s AT article "Teaching Racial Hatred" by David Deming, professor of arts and sciences at the University of Oklahoma, I realized something that had not occurred to me earlier about the goal of teaching college kids about white privilege.  Many people believe that white privilege is a tool that is used to make white Americans feel guilty about their success by claiming that the mere fact that they were born with white skin gave them an upper hand in life (especially white heterosexual males).  Once made to feel guilty, the white individuals soon begin to hate themselves for the past wrong deeds that white heterosexual men did against all American minorities (blacks, Native Americans, women...).  Although this is part of the goal for indoctrinating kids with this nonsense, I also believe that liberals have a more sinister objective.

Dr. Deming stated in his article that material from the website everydayfeminism.com is being used in seminars at the University of Oklahoma that teach kids the following:

White privilege is described as a "magic carpet that allows you to sail over the worries of others without ever having to look down," and white people are characterized as "lords over people of color."

In addition, these seminars take it a step farther with the following (my emphasis):

Students are counseled to see racism everywhere by becoming aware of imaginary insults called "microaggressions." An example of a racist microaggression is the statement "if you work hard enough, you will succeed."   The statement is regarded as implicitly racist because it allegedly promotes the stereotype that people of color are "lazy, stupid, or incompetent." Students are told explicitly that they will not achieve success through hard work. The only thing that accounts for success in an "unjust society" is "privilege."

If a black kid is sitting in a college class (of all places) and is being taught that he or she cannot even attain success through hard work because success is attainable only through privilege and the only people who have privilege were born with white skin, why would the kid even try to work hard?  Why would any kid without white skin even go to college in the first place?  Why should the parents and taxpayers (taxpayers are the ones who fund student loans and education grants) spend $100K for a four-year education if the child is a minority?  I am proposing that the real objective of teaching white privilege is to destroy ambition in black kids.  These liberal college instructors are sending the message to black kids that it is a futile attempt to work hard at trying to be successful because you were unlucky to be born the wrong skin color.  Just give up and let the government take care of you.

Of course, these liberal indoctrinators never highlight any successful black people in these so-called seminars because that would not fit the narrative, and it might inspire black students to work hard.  Instead, they lie and discredit hard work and promote white privilege as a means to keep minority kids angry and feeling hopeless.  That way, the kid may possibly give up, drop out of college, and not reach his or her potential.  If that happens, the Democrats can secure more minority votes.

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