Where have all her e-mails Gone?

We learned this weekend that Hillary Clinton's e-mails were deleted from the server.  We also heard this week that the Chinese or Iranians may have them, or so said Bob Woodward.

Frankly, we don't know whether they are "blowing in the wind," "lost in space," or sitting in Peking for a convenient leak to a Western journalist.  All three are rather frightening!

Here is my bottom line: I am not a lawyer, but this whole thing smells "muy feo," as we say in Spanish.   

First, she used a private server for her e-mails.  She irresponsibly exposed her own schedule, even the president's and the nation's security.  Her obsession with secrecy overrode all other considerations!  Is this the kind of personality trait we want in the Oval Office?

Second, she decided what is personal and what is private – i.e., the ultimate in Clintonian arrogance!   

I guess that we are supposed to believe that only personal stuff or "the grandma files" were deleted and all of the "State stuff" was turned over.  What happened to Clinton Foundation e-mails that were personal and public?

We know that the left will get in line behind the "she is a woman" victimization strategy.  We will soon hear that no man has ever been attacked like this.

The Democrats should contemplate one big worry: when will those independents say enough is enough?   

I agree with Paul Mirengoff:

Partisan Democrats alone can’t elevate Clinton to the presidency, though. 

The additional voters whose support she needs might well be influenced by a campaign ad that points out (if it’s accurate) that Hillary Clinton had all traces of her emails as Secretary of State wiped out after the State Department rightfully had requested these emails, and at a time when a bipartisan congressional committee was investigating her actions relating to the attack in Benghazi where four Americans were killed by terrorists.

My guess is that a lot of those independents put up with The Bill Clinton Show because unemployment was under 4%, the 401(k)s were doing great, and the can was kicked forward on terrorism.  The Hillary Clinton Show won't be so charming, nor she so electable!

As the Wall Street Journal said:

The Clintons didn’t invent crony capitalism. But when it comes to exploiting government for private gain, nobody does it better.

I would add: the Clintons are not the first to stretch the truth, but nobody does it better!  Again, are these the kind of people we want in the Oval Office?  I hope that enough of us say no!

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