What would an Ayatollah Khamenei White House look like?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Iran's Ayatollah Khamenei were somehow elected President of the United States? What would his policies be? I think he would probably do the following

1) Distance America from Israel. Khamenei would criticize Israel every chance he got. He would refuse to meet with its leader, and try to pressure him not to even visit the United States. He would accuse the Israeli leader of being racist and unjust to the Palestinians, no matter how violent they were to the Israelis.

2) Give in to the Iranian position in the nuclear arms negotiations. If Khamenei were in charge, he would agree to the Iranian demand to keep enriching uranium, which could be used to make many atomic bombs, and to keep making long range ICBMS which could hit the US. He would also pressure our European allies to agree to the same.

3) Yemen. Khamenei would work to ensure that the radical Shiite rebels take over the country.

4) Egypt. Khamenei would attack the Egyptian government and withhold military aid because the Egyptian government is fighting the radical Muslim Brotherhood.

5) Iraq. Khamenei would commit American air power to support the savage Shiite militias and Iranian Revolutionary Guards waging war against the equally savage Islamic State.

5) Radical Islam. Khamenei would never say we are at war with radical Islam. Instead, he'd focus on the evils of the Crusades.

6) Border security. Khamenei would refuse to secure the border, knowing that would prevent radical islamic sleeper cells from getting into the country.

7) Refugees. Khamenei would insist that the US take in thousands of refugees from Iraq and Syria who, when massed in large enough numbers, could impose Sharia Law and commit acts of terror.

Of course, these policies I have attributed to the Ayatollah are all policies of President Obama. In almost every respect he's doing exactly what the Ayatollah wants. It's interesting how similar the policies of the two are, don't you think?


This article was produced by NewsMachete.com, the conservative news site.