WH chief of staff calls for end to Israel's '50-year occupation'

The Obama administration is ratcheting up its rhetoric in its war on Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu.  As the Times of Israel reports:

White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough called for the end of Israel’s “50-year occupation” and doubled down on the Obama administration’s critique of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in a warmly received speech to the lobbying group J Street in Washington Monday, (snip)

McDonough said later, “an occupation that has lasted for 50 years must end,” referring to Israel’s 48-year hold on the West Bank.

The statement represented an unusually harsh repudiation of Israel’s control over the Palestinian territories, using a term the administration generally avoids.

The longtime confidant to US President Barack Obama said that the administration believes that “the best way to safeguard Israel’s long-term security is to bring about a comprehensive peace between Israelis and Palestinians.”

The problem with this, of course, is that the Palestinian forces refuse to acknowledge Israel’s right to exist, and Hamas is committed in its charter to the elimination of the Jewish State.  The 1967 borders, which McDonough, with the obvious concurrence of his boss, seeks to impose, would be suicidal for Israel, since Ben Gurion Airport would be within easy rocket range, and Jerusalem would be divided and open to rocket launchers and guerrilla attacks.

By using the term “occupation,” the Obama administration is aligning itself with Israel’s mortal enemies.  But that is simply making clear what has been obvious to most observers. The Obama administration is hostile to Israel and insensitive to its security needs while faced with an implacable foe that seeks Israel’s utter destruction.  There is no other nation on Earth facing a comparable threat from a genocidal enemy.