Was the State Department 'IT guy' Asleep at the Switch?

Did Secretary Clinton break the law or not? I will let our legal colleagues discuss that topic. 

I saw a post from Shannen Coffin and it makes sense: 

"There is little question that Hillary Clinton was conducting official business on her private e-mail account,..."

Beyond the legal stuff, there are lots of red flags or things that jump at me:  

1) Where was the "IT guy" at the State Department? Did he or she know that the Secretary of State, a person writing and reading about sensitive information, waa not using an official email?   

2) If yes, who did he or she talk to about it? Was some supervisor alerted? How high up the chain did this alert go?  Was President Obama alerted to the incredible risk of having the country's top diplomat doing the nation's business on a private server?

3) If no, then are these the same people who put together the ObamaCare website?

We learned today that U.S. ambassador to Kenya Scott Gration was dismissed for several reasons, including:

"Very soon after the Ambassador’s arrival in May 2011, he broadcast his lack of confidence in the information management staff. Because the information management office could not change the Department’s policy for handling Sensitive But Unclassified material, he assumed charge of the mission’s information management operations. He ordered a commercial Internet connection installed in his embassy office bathroom so he could work there on a laptop not connected to the Department email system. He drafted and distributed a mission policy authorizing himself and other mission personnel to use commercial email for daily communication of official government business. 

During the inspection, the Ambassador continued to use commercial email for official government business. 
The Department email system provides automatic security, record-keeping, and backup functions as required. 
The Ambassador’s requirements for use of commercial email in the office and his flouting of direct instructions to adhere to Department policy have placed the information management staff in a conundrum: balancing the desire to be responsive to their mission leader and the need to adhere to Department regulations and government information security standards."

So shouldn't that apply to the Secretary of State? Especially the top diplomat of the U.S.?  

At the very least, Hillary Clinton showed very bad judgement. At worst, she did not care that her fear of transparency could end up hurting the nation.
Don't be surprised if a lot of Democrats start looking for an alternative to Hillary Clinton!

Unlike Whitewater and "bimbo eruptions", this one about the emails hits home because most Americans have signed an employment agreement that forbids them from doing company business on private email accounts.

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