WaPo's Dana Milbank beclowns himself with doomsday prediction on King v. Burwell

Did you realize that if the Supreme Court decides that Obamacare subsidies can only be paid via state exchanges (as the law’s text demands), the entire country will fall apart? Dana Milbank, the increasingly hysterical left wing columnist at the Washington Post, does. So over the top is this column telling the justices, “The Supreme Court cannot hide on Obamacare,” that fellow Post columnist David Bernstein called it “self parody.

“..the nation’s social fabric” will be torn part, there will be “social upheaval,” and “there will be no place to hide from the national conflagration that follows.”

Wow, a conflagration! I hope Dana is taking proper precautions:

  • Convert his entire net worth to gold coins, except for;
  • Buy a compound in northern Idaho, complete with a natural spring source of water;
  • Buy guns! Of course this means leaving DC, but he is headed out west anyway, where they believe the Second Amendment still means something;
  • Buy at least a year or two’s worth of freeze dried food.

We’ll miss the entertainment value of your columns, Dana, but if you really have these fears, the only prudent thing to do is run for your life.

Hat tip: Clarice Feldman

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