Valerie Jarrett fingered as the source of leak on Hillary's email server

According to Ed Klein, writing in the New York Post, President Valerie Jarrett was the source of the information published by the New York Ties on Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server for all her official correspondence as secretary of state. Befitting her status as a behind-the-scenes puppeteer, Jarrett alleged used cut-outs to feed the information to the media, keeping her fingerprints off the dirty Dem-on-Dem deed. Echoing a joke I made five days ago, Klein calls it a “vast left wing conspiracy.”

 Additionally, and potentially far more troublesome for the former first lady:

…  at Jarrett’s behest, the State Department was ordered to launch a series of investigations into Hillary’s conduct at Foggy Bottom, including the use of her expense account, the disbursement of funds, her contact with foreign leaders and her possible collusion with the Clinton Foundation.

Six separate probes into Hillary’s performance have been ­going on at the State Department. I’m told that the e-mail scandal was timed to come out just as Hillary was on the verge of formally announcing that she was running for president — and that there’s more to come.

Klein recounts tales of open warfare (among the Democrat political insiders):

 “My contacts and friends in newspapers and TV tell me that they’ve been contacted by the White House and offered all kinds of negative stories about us,” one of Bill’s friends quotes him as saying. “The Obamas are behind the e-mail story, and they’re spreading rumors that I’ve been with women, that Hillary promoted people at the State Department who’d done favors for our foundation, that John Kerry had to clean up diplomatic messes Hillary left behind.”

Then, according to this source, Bill added: “The Obamas are out to get us any way they can.”

It is well established that the Obamas and Clintons have a lot of “Bad Blood” (the title of Klein’s best-selling book on the matter), but I have to believe that President Obama’s core group fears a Republican president more than they fear a Hillary presidency. So everything they do has to be aimed at knocking her out of the nomination. But to do that, they need hard data – indictments, incriminating documents, pictures, and the like.   And if they fail to knock her out (preferably via a withdrawal), they risk damaging her so badly that they elect Scott Walker or another Republican who might well reverse the Obama legacy.

If the following is true, it reveals a dangerously delusional attitude on the part of Jarrett:

Last fall, during the run-up to the 2014 midterm elections, Jarrett was heard to complain bitterly that the Clintons were turning congressmen, senators, governors and grass-root party members against Obama by portraying him as an unpopular president who was an albatross around the neck of the party.

Jarrett was said to be livid that most Democrats running for election refused to be seen campaigning with the president. She blamed the Clintons for marginalizing the president and for trying to wrestle control of the Democratic Party away from Obama.

The reason Democrats refused to campaign with Obama was his disastrous record in trying to help others, and his low standing in the polls at the time. No Clintonian legerdemain was necessary. If Jarrett cannot accept that (and she is quoted saying wildly unrealistic things about the absolute genius and overall wonderfulness of Barack Obama, so maybe she does need supernatural explanations for the obvious), she is out of touch with reality in a major way.

This is frightening, because the fate of the nation is at stake. Barack Obama’s well documented love of golf, television, hanging with rap musicians and stars, and other leisure activities makes Jarrett the grind who stays at work carrying out the actual duties of the presidency, with no public accountability.

I don’t know whether or not to credit Klein’s reporting. It makes sense, but it is scary, too. The nation has to survive 22 more months with an Obama-Jarrett presidency. There are no feuds more volatile and intense than family feuds, and if Klein is correct, the Democrat family is in the midst of a historic meltdown.

Watch the Department of Justice's actions. They will be the tell on whether or not this story is for real.