Utah GOP bill grants special rights to Bisexuals and Transvestites

Republicans in Utah are busy pushing through a bill to give special rights to gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgendered. The bill sailed through a Republican-controlled Senate committee in a unanimous vote Thursday before earning a promise from [Republican] Gov. Gary Herbert that he would sign the measure. [Update: It passed the State Senate on 3/6/15]

 Sen. Todd Weiler, R-Woods Cross, said his own understanding about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights and had evolved.  "I'm not in the same place that I was a year ago, where I was two years ago. … This is a paradigm shift for many," said Weiler, noting his own conservative Mormon background.

"It sends a message to thousands of young people who are struggling with their identity, who are …. " he said, pausing to steady himself and wipe away a tear, " … struggling with whether they want to stay alive."

What is it about Republicans and crying? The crying state senator claims that without passage, bisexuals and transvestites will kill themselves.

Sponsored by Sens. Stuart Adams, R-Layton, and Steve Urquhart, R-St. George, the bill nows heads to the full Senate for debate after the chamber's Business and Labor Committee cleared it in a 7-0 vote.

If it becomes law, SB296 would make it unlawful for employers and landlords to discriminate against individuals based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. The Republican governor said the measure is "a good model for the rest of the country," adding, "I'm going to sign the bill."

As you can see, this bill has nothing to do with bisexuals from offing themselves, as the crying Republican state senator claimed, but everything to do with state-sanctioned endorsement of these lifestyles.

If you are a landlord and you are philosophically or religiously opposed to homosexuality, you will now be forced to rent to homosexuals.  If you run a Hooters and you fail to hired a bearded lady, you can be sued. If you are hiring a receptionist at a company or a front desk manager at a hotel and you fail to hire a man who wears dresses, you can be sued.  If you run a company that has no direct interaction with customers but has one large bathroom for employees, you will have to allow men dressed as women into them, no matter how uncomfortable it makes your female employees.

This is not a bill permitting people to have their own lifestyle; this is forcing their lifestyle onto us. It's nothing like antidiscrimination bills of the past, which protect against discrimination based on your race or who you are; this bill protects people who do a certain action.

In America we have a certain expectation, especially in the business world, that men will dress  a certain way and women will dress a certain way. Now that gets thrown out the window, and businesses that pride themselves on certain dress codes will have to hire people who are trying to pretend that their something they're not.

Once again, the government is intruding in every aspect of our lives, forcing us to endorse bizarre lifestyles, some of which (the so-called "transgenderism") border on mental illness. In America, we now have a choice every election: Democrats, the party of radical leftism and the unraveling of our culture, and Republicans, the party of radical leftism and the unraveling of our culture. Our political system only makes sense to crazy people and transvestite Navy SEALS.

Homer Simpson, when presented with the choice of voting for the humanity enslaving alien Kodos or the humanity enslaving alien Kang for President, said, when Kang won, "Don't blame me. I voted for Kodos."

Pedro Gonzales is the editor of Newsmachete.com, the conservative news site

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