Under Obama, Secret Service Misconduct the Norm

Why has the Secret Service culture degenerated into a south Florida fraternity of irresponsible party-boys? 

Some highlights over the years: reality star wannabes Tareq and Michaele Salahi party crashed Mr. Obama's first state dinner [2009]; Oscar R. Ortega-Hernandez fired bullets at the third level of the White House, the presidential family's personal quarters [2011]; eleven Secret Service officers engaged the companionship of Colombian prostitutes in Cartagena, one cheapskate apparently later stiffing the working girl her $800 fee and causing a very public hotel altercation [2012]; Sent home, three Secret Service agents partying in Amsterdam were so intoxicated that one was found passed out in a hotel hallway [2014]; Fence-jumper Omar J. Gonzalez sprinted across the White House lawn entirely unimpeded before entering the White House via unlocked front doors, knocking down a female Secret Service officer, and running past the staircase that leads to the first family's residential quarters before finally being subdued by an off-duty Secret Service agent [2014]; and just last week, back from partying, two drunken senior Secret Service agents crash their government-issued vehicle into a White House barrier. 

Charged primarily with burnishing the agency's tarnished record, its first female director, Julia Pierson, resigned in disgrace after a rocky 19-month tenure. Likewise, her replacement, veteran repairman Joseph Clancy, was grilled yesterday before an investigative Congressional oversight committee regarding continuing agent misbehavior. As with the revolving door of top Obama officials, the faces change, but the bureaucracy remains the same. Top-down, alpha to omega, it appears that no one in the Obama administration is responsible for anything, including the Secret Service, which hasn't been at this level of disrepute since the Lincoln administration 150 years ago.