The joke that got a Seinfeld episode cancelled

It is a minor moment in cultural history, but perhaps worth noting for what it says about the sensitivities of our age. NBC, which tolerated ethnic jokes about Jews, jokes about penis size, and jokes about which males character Eileen Elaine would sleep with using a contraceptive sponge, decided that a joke about the eating habits of African-Americans was out of bounds. Business Insider has the story:

Speaking of the Show About Nothing, it turns out NBC wanted “nothing” to do with any Seinfeldian focus on racial issues, as evidenced by one episode getting canned based all on one observation.

For a story in the New York Post, one of the rare nixed Seinfeld scripts came up, giving the world a good idea about what made NBC balk during the hit series’ run. While it’s unclear what the episode would have actually centered on, the script got axed based solely on the below line uttered by George, which he would have gotten into some kind of trouble for.

"You know, I have never seen a black person order a salad."

I wonder when African Americans will be accorded the respect to be allowed to be satirized by non-blacks?