The Iran nuke deal and the greenies

Politics isn’t the only thing that stops at the water's edge.  It looks like the administration's climate change agenda and war on oil are for domestic consumption only.

Bloomberg reports that as diplomats haggle with Iran over its nuclear program, big oil company executives are already salivating over doing business with Iran.  Bloomberg says Iran’s oil is  “emerging again as a potential prize for Western oil companies such as BP, Royal Dutch Schell Plc, Eni SpA and Total SA.  The Chinese can also be expected to enter the race, while US. Companies, more burdened by sanctions and legacy, will be further down the pack.”

“You look at the history of the oil companies, and that history is Iran,” said Nader Sultan, an oil consultant who ran state-owned Kuwait Petroleum Corp. from 1993 to 2004.
An appetite to return to Persia is understandable: Iran holds 10 percent of the world’s oil reserves -- putting it No. 4 globally after Venezuela, Saudi Arabia and Canada and ahead of Iraq -- and almost a fifth of gas reserves -- second only to Russia. “Iran is the big prize,” said Oswald Clint, an oil analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. “The resource size is very attractive.”

Hold it.  Didn’t President Obama just veto the Keystone pipeline project because of the evils of oil?  And now he’s the driving force behind the lifting of sanctions on Iran, which in turn will  open of the oil well valves?

Where’s Greenpeace when we need them?  Will Tom Steyer withhold funds from Democrat candidates, as he threatened to do over Keystone?

Or is the war on oil merely a domestic matter?  Is it war against American oil, fought by Americans...against Americans?