Ted Cruz made me cry

At Liberty University, Sen Ted Cruz officially threw his hat into the ring as a contender for president in 2016.  Cruz's speech brought tears to my eyes.  It was inspiring, boldly Christian, and unapologetically conservative – vowing to stand for liberty.

Cruz touting the greatness of our legacy as Americans gave me the same goosebumps I felt as a young voter hearing the same pride, optimism, and high expectations from Ronald Reagan.

But folks, we have heard it all before: promises to repeal Obamacare, to stop Obama's illegal amnesty for illegals and all of Obama's other assaults on our freedoms and trashing of our Constitution.  The GOP has tricked us before.  We conservatives are fed up, tired of being used and abused, suffering Battered Conservative Syndrome.

Cruz said everything we conservatives have been longing to hear.  As I have stated numerous times, it always comes back to character.  Can we trust Cruz to follow through on his campaign promises when we get him elected?

In our tour bus, I met Ted Cruz and hung out with his awesome dad, Rafael, at a Tea Party rally in Texas.

This is not a formal endorsement, but Ted Cruz is a man of character.  I believe we can trust him.