Teachers fear for their lives because of administration's hands-off-blacks guidelines

President Obama didn’t dare mention the situation at Richmond, Virginia’s Martin Luther King Middle School during his oh-so-eloquent Selma speech last Saturday.  The mess at MLK is being played out in majority-black schools across the country. On March 6, an NBC affiliate reported that MLK, a school with 731 students and 99% black, had 1,635 disorderly incidents in 2014.  The kicker?  The $40-million state-of-the-art middle school opened in January of the same year. The writing was on the wall in May 2014, when teachers at MLK wrote an extensive e-mail to a local TV station saying they feared for their lives.  Teachers claimed that the school was not safe for teachers or students and that administrators were turning a blind eye to their concerns. From NBC12, May 14, 2014: "We come every day to a hostile environment," said the teacher. "The message is we need something to be done. We cannot go on with the status...(Read Full Post)