Step right up! Mike Huckabee's cure for diabetes

Mike Huckabee claims he's found the cure for diabetes!  And it has cinnamon in it!  And the cure can be yours for one easy down payment of only $19.95!  Supplies are limited, so act now!

In a wood-paneled study lined with books and framed family photos, the prospective presidential candidate looks into the camera. “I’m Mike Huckabee,” he says with all the folksy charm that propelled a career as a preacher, politician, and broadcaster. “Let me tell you, diabetes can be reversed,” Mr. Huckabee says. “I should know because I did it. Today you can, too.”

In his diabetes video, Mr. Huckabee promotes the “Diabetes Solution Kit,” a $19.95 booklet with advice on eating, exercise, and dietary supplements. “Just sit tight,” he says in the two-minute, 40-second pitch, “because in a moment, a free presentation is coming up.” He promises it will reveal “all the natural secrets that are backed by real science that really work.” But rather than science, the second, lengthier video peddles a diabetes “cure” consisting of cinnamon and chromium picolinate. The American Diabetes Association and the Canadian Diabetes Association caution against treatments like the one peddled by the company Mr. Huckabee represents...

Mr. Huckabee, who lost more than 100 pounds after being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2003, says in the video, “Techniques just like you’re going to find in this kit worked for me.” Asked this month at an appearance in Iowa if he had used cinnamon and chromium picolinate to reverse his diabetes, he said he had not.

This reporter ordered the 95-page booklet promoted by Mr. Huckabee, for an advertised $19.97 for a downloadable copy and $19.95, plus shipping, for a printed copy, and found a $120.08 charge to his Visa card, which included a $67 coaching video that was not ordered...

A spokeswoman for Mr. Huckabee declined to say how much he earned from these efforts.

May I be blunt?  What Huckabee is doing is borderline fraud.  Suggesting that a product can cure a serious disease without any solid evidence to back it up is fraud.  Implying that he used the "cure" when he hadn't is also fraud.

Friar Huckleberry, as I call him, is turning more and more into the white Al Sharpton of this race. 

Pedro Gonzales is the editor of, the conservative news site.