Star Wars promotes gay lifestyle

When it comes to pushing the gay agenda, is there such a thing as overdoing it?  It's one thing to have literature or serious dramas with gay characters – after all, sexuality is often a part of stories about people's lives.

But what about action stories and action films?  Do you really need to know if Indiana Jones had a thing for his assistant Short Round?  Are there Klingon same-sex couples?  Did Godzilla have a thing for King Kong?  In these kinds of stories, talking about sexual preferences isn't really relevant.

But Disney, which now owns Lucasfilms, feels differently.  The people at Disney have created the first "official" gay character

... the upcoming novel “Lords of the Sith” will feature a capable but flawed Imperial official named Moff Mors who “also happens to be a lesbian.”

How does someone just "happen to be a lesbian"?  And what does "capable but flawed" mean?  Moff Mors is good at exterminating rebels but sort of awkward at kissing other girls?  Or is she a flawed Imperial who is a good lesbian, not very good at stomping out rebellion but good at keeping her partner satisfied?

Normally, when I read a Star Wars novel, I don't need to know these things.  No previous Star Wars novels have talked about the sexuality of Imperial officers.  But since Star wars is bringing this up now, I guess we need to know.

Perhaps they will also reveal whether Jawas are polygamous, and whether Sand People are into bondage.  And do robots, who technically have no gender, have compatible USB slots?  And when the Emperor "seduced" Anakin Skywalker, was it really only a metaphorical seduction?

This isn't the first foray of Star Wars into sexuality.  In the online computer game "Star Wars: The Old Republic," you can play a Jedi or a Sith and fight storm troopers or rebels or pilot spaceships or...go to the planet "Makeb" and pursue a virtual same-sex relationship with another character.  What does that have to do with anything else in the game?

You see, this is the part I don't understand: taking films and books and games meant for kids that have nothing to do with sexuality and injecting this kind of stuff in them.  I wish this political correctness would draw the line somewhere.  You may think I'm joking, but I'll bet 10 years from now they will have gay cornflakes and gay pencils and gay toothpaste and gay corned beef sandwiches and sexual orientation tied into every little thing in your everyday life.

Pedro Gonzales is the editor of, the conservative news site.