St. Louis man viciously attacked on commuter train by perps citing Michael Brown

Make no mistake; a race war is being ginned up, with the assistance of major media, and the lead role being occupied by profiteers of conflict. The shooting of Michael Brown, which even Eric Holder acknowledges was fully justified, has been established in the kinds if many as a symbol of race wrongs crying out for vengeance.

And now a St. Louis man has received critical injuries in attack whose perpetrators used Michael Brown’s name before brutalizing the stranger whom they encountered on a Metrolink train. Surveillance video documents the whole thing. Other passengers simply stood by and offered no assistance. 

KSDK TV reports:

The victim says one of the men asked to use his cell phone, but he said no.

"Then proceeded to ask me about the Michael Brown incident and at that point I knew this was going to be trouble, before I decided what I was going to do he sort of stood up, turned away and then nailed me right in the face," the victim said.

The video [embedded below]  shows one man throwing several punches, then another man also gets in on the fight right before they get off at the Forest Park stop.

"I was like half unconscious, so stunned that I couldn't even respond or fight back and all I could think about was trying to protect myself," the victim said.

The victim rode to the next stop in the Central West End where he got off and says he told a bus driver to call police, no one else was helping him.

"The people behind me, I didn't get any assistance, no one asked if I was okay, and I was obviously bleeding and no one offered to call 911," he said.


The fact that this incident has received no national media attention at all is alarming. And an informant in St. Louis tells us that local officials are portraying the incident as a onetime, unusual event, when it is obvious that the city is experiencing serious racial tumult in the wake of the Ferguson riots.

If Eric Holder were a responsible attorney general, he would highlight this incident and call for national reflection on Michael Brown and Ferguson, warning of the need for citizens to cooperate with police, and the dangers of race war based on false impressions ginned up by people more interested in conflict than in peace.

But of course that will never happen. Holder himself, a man who has received every blessing of opportunity in his life, signs onto the cre4d of race victimization as the explanation for all of society’s ills. And his silence assents to the race war being promoted.

Hat tip: Ed Lasky