Shame on the Chicago Tribune for printing this 'cartoon'

Despite the fact that the Chicago Tribune presents an article speaking of the “ire” created by this alleged artist, his plagiary, and his awkward attempt to make himself relevant, the paper should not have reprinted this picture.

The Tribune offers that the “cartoonist” is Gary Huck, the “last full time cartoonist employed by a major labor union.  He’s the house jester for the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America, which is based in Pittsburgh.”

Remarkable position.  A full-time cartoonist for a union.  Keep those dues coming.

Gary is “well known” amongst progressives, says the article.  We might have guessed.

Gary is from a union family and has spent much of his life in the employ of a union, according to the Tribune.  The gist of the Tribune article is regarding Mr. Huck’s career and his penchant for drawing acerbic cartoons. 

The artist and the Tribune seem delighted in perpetuating the disinformation campaign sprung from some of the initial “eyewitness” accounts of the Ferguson matter.  Those accounts were never corroborated by anyone under oath before a grand jury.  There were also many who witnessed quite a different scene.

Imagine a different rendition of the plagiarized Norman Rockwell image, one that showed a 300-pound man reaching for the officer’s gun while sitting at the counter.  Equally distasteful and inflammatory.  Imagine the “ire” from the likes of Sharpton and Holder.

All in all, the original Rockwell image juxtaposed with this terrible cartoon is pretty much a capsulation of where our country was, and where we are now. 


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