Rep. Aaron Schock and the misuse of your money in context

A number of media outlets are doing excellent investigative reporting on Rep. Aaron Schock, Republican congressman of Illinois, and his misuse of taxpayer funds and campaign funds.  Somehow he forgot very soon that taxpayer funds are not his personal money. I do wish that the media would take their obvious investigative skills and apply them to many politicians of both parties, including the president, because misuse of our tax money and campaign money appears to be rampant.  They should also investigate federal agencies for misuse of our money. An easy place to start is to investigate Lois Lerner of the IRS, who made $175,000 per year also got over $40,000 in bonuses per year.  How would a government employee who already earned three and a half times the median household income deserve a bonus?  The bonuses are greater than what Rep. Schock appears to have misspent, and they spike her pension, which is especially punitive to us. I thought I would put...(Read Full Post)