President Obama off on another golf weekend, in Florida this time

If you are spending your weekend struggling with your taxes, take comfort in the fact that President Obama is using your taxes, this year and probably all the income taxes you will pay in your lifetime, to fly Air Force One ($228,288 per hour to operate) down to sunny Florida for some quality time on the links.  The Washington Times reports:

President Obama is off to the Treasure Coast of Florida this weekend, specifically Palm City. The local press is attentive, reporting that Mr. Obama will play a few rounds at the Floridian National Golf Club. Yeah, well. (snip)

“This stunning, yet formidable Par 71 will certainly impress. At 7,114 yards, the 18-hole course offers perfectly manicured rolling fairways and greens, demanding hazards, breathtaking views of the St. Lucie River, and is surrounded by natural preserve and native wildlife.”

Yeah, well. Mr. Obama was at the course two years ago, golfing with Tiger Woods. For those keeping count, this is approximately the 220th round of golf the president has played since taking office, this based on calculations from the and other sources.

It’s not like there’s anything important going on, after all, except perhaps for the Arab League meeting in Egypt to back the Saudi-Egyptian-Jordanian coalition invading Yemen and possibly setting off a vast Sunni-Shia conflict that could engulf the entire Middle East.  But hey, the Obama administration has first-rate people like National Security Advisor Susan Rice, who knows everything.  And except, of course for the capitulation negotiation underway in Lausanne, Switzerland, with Secretary of State John Kerry offering the Iranians pretty much everything they could want in order to be free to build nuclear weapons with which to fight their Sunni rivals (see above).  But after all, he knows that the really important national security issue is global warming, which hasn’t been happening for 17 years.

So as you work on your taxes, rest assured that the country is in good hands, and your money will be spent wisely.  Or not.