Lesson from Israel: Obama should support Chuy if he wants Rahm to win

It's beginning to look a lot like some Israeli voters were interested in sending President Obama a message.  

In fact, there were enough of them to turn around an election that wasn't going Bibi's way not long ago.  It was an "it's the economy, stupid" kind of election, or the political landscape that favors the opposition.  

It turned around at the very end!

Why?  President Obama is not very popular in Israel, as reported by Frida Ghitis:

Israelis know they need American support to survive in a hostile, increasingly unstable and radicalized neighborhood, but they don't believe they can trust Obama to help keep them safe. And the president, despite taking numerous measures to support the Jewish state, has done a dismal job of persuading Israelis that he has their back.

They don't trust Obama.  They don't think that he's got their back!  Fair or unfair, that's what they think.

Over the years, I've met people who have lived in Israel.  None of us can appreciate the reality of living in a place that can be attacked at a moment's notice or be the target of a terrorist attack.  They look at threats a little differently, and you can't blame them.

My question is this: didn't someone at the White House tell President Obama to keep his nose out of the election?  Or did Valerie Jarrett keep that adviser away from the president?  Did President Obama really think that he could do a "hope and change" rerun in Israel and win?

Here is an idea for President Obama and the Mayor Emanuel re-election team.   

We know that Mayor Emanuel is in a tough race with a fellow named Jesus "Chuy" Garcia.  Rahm is outspending Chuy 12-1, but the polls are close.  President Obama is supporting Mr. Emanuel, but it's not helping much.  As George Will said:

... the most overrated force in America is the rhetoric of Barack Obama, who campaigned for the Affordable Care Act that got less popular. He campaigned against Republicans in 2010 and in 2014, the off-year elections, his party got shellacked. There is just no evidence that his rhetoric works.

So here is an idea: President Obama should throw his support behind Chuy and call for a change in his hometown.   

It may be the best way to help Rahm Emanuel keep his job!   

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