King v. Burwell: Much ado about nothing

Extensively covered throughout every part of the media is the current Supreme Court consideration of the Obamacare law in the case of King v Burwell.  Four little words, “established by the State,” are being parsed, turned over and over, and examined from every angle.  Unfortunately, this whole proceeding is much ado about nothing.

Assume that the Supreme Court decides that the law does matter and breaks this component of Obamacare.  What then?  Will the Republicans in the House and Senate suddenly grow a party-collective spine and defend the newly created hill that the Supremes will have made for them?  Put another way, does anybody at this point believe that there is any issue, any hill the Republicans are willing to die on?

Step one will be the Democrats and their mouthpiece, the mainstream media, villainizing the Supremes decision as right-wing Tea Party activism by the Roberts Court.  If past is prologue, the media will certainly not miss the opportunity to clarify the Democrat-pejorative aspect of the “George Bush appointed Chief Justice Roberts.”  Wash, rinse, repeat the message ad nauseam until every void of the mainstream media is filled with the story.  As icing on this cake, trot out every possible sad health care case to pull at the heartstrings of the unwashed masses.  How cruel the right wing and Tea Party Republicans are!  Little Jessica is dying because of this Tea Party Republican play on words.

Step two: the House passes some fix after Speaker Boehner corrals all the cats and, if past is prologue, the worst option is passed by the Republican House.  This brings us to Harry Reid’s Senate.  There, the collective-single Democratic Party will block any movement on any bill related to changing Obamacare.  However, just for the sake of argument, let’s assume that the wise old owl of the Senate, sub-Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, can force a bill through.  Perhaps Senator McConnell uncharacteristically goes nuclear and eliminates the filibuster.  Consequently, a bill that would provide fundamental change to Obamacare is sent to his royal highness for his...wait for it...veto.

The preceding activities are the much ado about nothing part, because once the Supreme Court rejects this portion of Obamacare, the Chicago grifter will present to every one of the 36 states that did not set up a health insurance market a single page for them to sign, reading something like this: The State of [fill in the blank] has adopted the federal health care exchange as the official state health care exchange for purposes of the Affordable Care Act.

King v. Burwell: much ado about nothing.