Kids forced to get signed permission slip to eat an OREO at school

I suppose we have Michelle Obama to thank for this. From Hit and Run:

There are 18-wheelers with brake problems, hungry bears just stumbling out of hibernation, and lawnmowers that suddenly shift into reverse. And then there's the unparalleled danger of Double Stuf Oreos. Thank goodness this teacher requires parents to sign off on cookie consumption—if they dare.

A screenshot of the permission slip comes from Twitter mom Main Line Housewife in Pennsylvania. Check it out below:

Is there anything better in life than dunking your double-stuf OREO in a glass of cold milk, savoring the contrast in texture and taste? It is absolutely amazing how obsessive dietary Nazis in schools can ruin such a simple, harmless pleasure.

It's nuttiness like this that drives parents to homeschool their kids.

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