Kerry 'out of touch with reality,' says former Obama intel chief

The proposed Iran deal on nuclear weapons is so shockingly bad that serious people are beginning to press the panic button and warn the public in the strongest possible terms.  So far, other than Senator Robert Menendez, who, coincidentally has been leaked to be the subject of a pending corruption investigation, few Democrats have had the guts to tell us this is crazy.

But Lt. General Michael Flynn, former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, is not bowing to a complacent media or the threats of retaliation.  Alex Griswold of The Daily Caller reports:

Flynn, who was nominated and served under President Barack Obama, made the statement to Fox News anchor Bret Baier. Baier then read the full statement during an appearance on “America’s Newsroom”:

“Secretary Kerry is out of touch with reality, he clearly is not listening to the entire US intelligence community, he is not reading any of the intelligence or other things that have been written over the last few weeks / months / years. Talk about being out of touch… For him to make those statements is totally irresponsible, and he should be challenged by anyone who cares about the future of this country.”