Jen Psaki chumming the water for media sharks (Updated: can't locate Hillary's document)

Update: Brian Hughes of the Washington Examiner reports:

The State Department Tuesday said it had "no record" that Hillary Clinton signed a form declaring she turned over all work-related materials upon leaving her post as the nation's top diplomat.

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki told reporters Tuesday that she was "fairly certain" Clinton never signed the separation agreement.

This is as suspicious as can be. However, Psaki claims:

Psaki said Tuesday that Clinton's predecessors, Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell, also did not sign such a statement.

Let’s see what the two former secretaries say.

Original post:

State Department stonewalling of media requests for Hillary Clinton’s signed separation agreement (Form OF-109) is already comic.  Watch the video embedded below and ask yourself how glad Jen Psaki will be when she leaves her State Department podium for her new job as White House communications director.  She is already on implausible ground, having delayed for a week any response.  There is no way that the media will simply forget about it or let the question drop.



When Jen departs, it will probably be hapless Marie Harf who takes on responsibility for claiming no progress in the search for the form that every departing employee is required to sign.

As many people have noted, there is no good answer.  If Hillary signed the form, she will face perjury charges for keeping possession of the server containing official e-mails.  If she didn’t sign it, the State Department will admit that it followed different rules for Hillary from what is expected of everyone else, contrary to the law that specifically includes presidential appointees in the requirement.

My guess is that the State Department will fall on its sword and claim that the file is "lost."  That raises questions for any foreign government dealing with a State Department that can’t be relied on to keep records.