Holder and Obama use Ferguson and Selma to further their lie

AG Eric Holder announced that Officer Darren Wilson will not be charged in the death of Michael Brown.  Holder then ranted about the racism his investigation supposedly uncovered in the Ferguson Police Department.  It made me think of the 1973 TV movie Kojak on the Marcus-Nelson murders.  In the movie, a black youth was arrested, but evidence proved him innocent.  Kojak told the kid that he would be found guilty of something because they had kept him in jail too long and the city had to save face.  The kid replied, "But I didn't do anything wrong!"

To further the left's narrative that America's police have it out for young black men, Obama's DOJ had to find the Ferguson Police Department guilty of something.  Folks, I do not believe that the Ferguson police have being doing anything wrong.

The Ferguson police have already been forced to endure racial sensitivity training, which I find stomach-turning – a bunch of touchy-feely you-know-deep-down-inside-you're-a-racist gobbledygook.  If I were a Ferguson cop, I would feel insulted and humiliated.  Still, Holder has threatened to dismantle the Ferguson Police Department for racial bias. 

This is the kind of leftist bullying more and more Americans are forced to endure.  To keep their jobs, victims publicly thank leftists for helping them to get their heads right.  Leftists continue to get away with controlling speech and behavior because they can.

Doesn't police training include courtesy and respect for the public?  Why is "racial sensitivity" training necessary for police to do their job?  Either someone, regardless of his race, is breaking the law, acting suspect, or he is not.  Forcing police to throw their instincts and experience out the window for fear of being racially insensitive places citizens at risk of being victimized by criminals.  It's crazy, folks.

Sonny and Cher sang, "And the beat goes on."  The relentless unprecedented thuggery of the Obama administration goes on, using governmental agencies to slap us around and whip us into submission.

I pray that more Americans will find the courage to tell the left to take their sensitivity training and stick it where the sun does not shine.

Rush entertained an unlikely yet frightening scenario on his radio program. What if Hillary is the Dems' 2016 presidential nominee and Obama concludes that she does not have a prayer of winning?  Rather than allowing the evil Republicans to take the White House, Obama decides to continue ignoring the Constitution and run again for the good of the country.  Who would politically stop him?

At the Selma 50 years commemorative ceremony, Obama cited Holder's findings in Ferguson as evidence that the march for racial equality is not over.  Meanwhile, the glaring elephant in the room is that he is a black man standing behind the podium that bears the presidential seal as leader of the free world.

Obama and his thugs will continue exploiting race, unlawfully usurping power, and taking as much control as they are allowed to take.  Apparently, only the Tea Party comprehends the level of evil we are dealing with – thus our determination to politically stop them.